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i know them. but we walk past, live our own lives. 

we know each others existence, yet don’t take any acknowledgement of it. this winter charge, i got to take a part in their lives and they got to take a part in mine. we shared thoughts, opened hearts, and maybe cried a little. it was simply beautiful. i only understand the surface of things, people. i look at them like they are totally fine. but what do they really go through? i got to hear their true voice. i got to feel a very important part of their heart. this workshop, i tried to invest in giving attention, more then guidance. i feel that a lot of people usually want to be heard more then sit and hear others. i know thats how i usually feel. so instead of giving my words, i gave my silence and attention. let others take a chance to open themselves, and be listened to. for them to be noticed to a deeper extent then what they are known to show.

this workshop i got to recreate beautiful relationships with my brothers and sisters. i got to take the past and bring it to a whole new level. i got to compare where i was exactly one year ago, at the same workshop, but with a whole new mindset, which made me realize how much more proud i was with myself. i connected with a few certain people that really brought my experience together. a certain 1st gen, our age, thriving to understand something more then what’s been blindly shown and told. it was such a big inspiration to my faith. a certain person who has been there since last year’s experience, looking over my progress and to where i stand today. i can see in their eyes, how much they’ve cared and looked out for me. someone who has found something in me, that wasn’t there just one winter ago. another certain person, who’s been indirectly in and out of my life, who in this workshop was really there for me. who endured through all my complaints, and stood right beside me when i wasn’t in the mood. whom i really felt god’s love through. but these are just three people. every single experience that came across, put in impact on me, some way or another. 

in conclusion, i’m just really grateful for this whole experience, and really wanted to thank everyone, and ultimately dave hunter, toby gullery, ester allen, and my tribe for all their effort on creating and making this workshop worth a lovely memory for me. thanks guys ♥

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